Critical Alignment

September 28-29th, 2024

with Jacoline Norden & Zita van Wees

In this weekend you will receive an introduction to Critical Alignment Yoga
In three sessions of 3 hours, we will focus on the use of the various Critical Alignment props (including the backbender and headstander), and the reason why they were developed: to experience a deeper connection and understanding to oneself.

Session 1 – Balancing the two sensory areas, the heart and the hara (lower abdomen)
When we feel imbalanced, agitated and overwhelmed, we physically compromise the heart and/or the hara area. We start to feel disconnected from ourselves, and from the world around us. We will explore how we can restore our balance and stay connected within our own space (hara) and the space around us (heart).

Session 2 – Deepening the balance in the hara: lower back class

The hara (lower abdomen) is the core of the body, the area that – when in balance - expresses calmness, stillness, ease: a deep connection to oneself. On the other side, stress can be easily stored here, leaving a sense of insecurity, heaviness and depletion. In this session we will explore how the lower back, the pelvis and legs relate to the hara, in which we feel how the core area calms the nervous system and brings you a feeling of coming home.

Session 3 – Deepening the balance in the heart: upper back class

The heart expresses the balance between oneself and the world around you. Opening the heart can create sensations of inner and outer space, as well as lightness and energy. When imbalanced, the heart can feel vulnerable and insecure. We will explore the relationship of the arms, shoulders, neck and head to the upper back, and how this indirectly creates space and lightness to your being.

The Critical Alignment props
During all the sessions, we will use the strip, felt roll, headstander and backbender, and will explore questions like:

  • How does each individual prop work? Why was it developed?
  • How does gravity relate to the release of tension and stress, and a restoration of energy?
  • What is the difference between movement and postural muscles, and how do we distinguish between them?

We are looking forward to moving with you this weekend!

About Zita and Jacoline
It is a great pleasure for us to invite Zita and Jacoline from Amsterdam to teach in Bonn, and for them to share with us their deep knowledge and extensive experience of Critical Alignment yoga.
Jacoline Norden
Jacoline has been practicing CAY since her late twenties. She has been teaching CAY since 2002, and has been a senior CAY/CAT teacher since 2014.
Jacoline’s inspiration lays it is the lightness and space that CAY/CAT gives back to herself and others, in moving together. Moving gently and in a safe way, passing our so-called 'safe boundaries', which then become no longer a boundary but a threshold from which we experience trust, strength and courage again. The way we use the CAY props to support this process is sober and direct, and never boring to her. From every person, or group she has been teaching, she learned the importance of connection. She is always moved by the commitment and surrender of people to make this movement inwards, and then see the change, to increased space and stillness.

Zita van Wees
Zita started CAY about 20 years ago to find a solution for her back pain and stress symptoms, and became an enthusiastic CAY/T teacher soon after. She has been a senior CAY teacher since 2014.
Zita draws her inspiration from the precision of the CA method, that provides a clear map to explore our habitual mental and physical patterns. In her view, the body is an expression of the way we connect to our inner and outer selves. Her main focus is finding balance and presence in every moment, from which stability, mobility and a sense of ease evolve. Zita keeps being in awe of the inner transformation that happens when people reconnect to their body as a whole and living part of themselves.
It is not only the style of yoga that we wish to share with you in this weekend workshop, but also the nature of these inspiring women and their wonderful ways of integrating this practice into their daily lives.
Warm wishes, Fiona and Kirstie

Simply Yoga, Paul-Kemp-Str. 7, 53173 Bonn

Saturday 9:00 - 12:00
Lunch break
14:00 - 17:00

Sunday 10:00 - 13:00
(There will be a tea break between the sessions).

Costs full weekend and subscription
Price: €195,00 (inclusive tea and snacks, incl. tax)

If you would like to join, please email the following information to Kirstie or Fiona
Full name
Any physical condition or injury you would like us to know (if applicable)

Refund policy
Full payment for the workshop can be made upon booking. Cancellation up to 1 week before: 50% of payment returned (unless a replacement is found, then full repayment, minus processing fee of €10). Cancellation 1 week before: No repayment, unless a replacement is found, then full repayment minus processing fee of €10).

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